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No one should be allowed to sleep on the streets... Starting today

What City Hall is doing to end homelessness is not working. Instead of getting people off the streets, bureaucrats have turned “homelessness” into a business.

Nonprofits and charities must be measured for performance. If they fail at their objectives, they must be denied future contracts. More funding should be given to successful programs such as Homeward Bound. And we must insist the police enforce the laws prohibiting sleeping on sidewalks and in parks.

Eradicate property crime with smarter policing

Home and auto break-ins in our neighborhoods have exploded. In 2014, voters in California passed Prop 47 which reduced sentencing for “non-violent” crimes.

The result has been a spike in thefts, and City Hall has failed to protect its residents. We will work with the police to consider a broader set of options for catching thieves, such as patrols of “hotspots” and more undercover and sting operations.

We’ll work to eliminate unnecessary paperwork to get police on the street and out from behind their desks.

Increase housing supply to make San Francisco more affordable

With all the things that make San Francisco great, the city will continue to attract people. If housing demand is not met then prices for existing housing stock will naturally increase.

We can help meet market demand by requiring all code compliant projects be publicly presented to the Planning Commission within 6 months. Increase pay to attract and retain competent staff at the Planning and Building Departments.

Increase appeals fees of Planning Commission approved projects to 1% of the project’s approximate value.