Our Leaders are Endorsing John Dennis

Endorsed by the
California Republican Party

California Republican Party Chairwoman Jessica Millan Patterson said "It gives me great pleasure to announce that our Board of Directors has voted to endorse John Dennis for the 12th Congressional District."

Endorsed by
U.S. Senator Rand Paul (R-KY)

Senator Paul said “San Franciscans could not find a better representative in Congress than my friend John Dennis. Speaker Pelosi’s disastrous policies and appalling recent behavior towards President Trump do not deserve reelection. John Dennis will work with the President and me to end foreign wars, reduce federal spending and restore the promise of the American Dream.”

Endorsed by the
San Francisco Republican Party

We are proud to endorse John Dennis for Congress. Since John Dennis became Chairman of the San Francisco Republican Party, Republican registration has increased. Let’s not lose our momentum. Please vote on or before March 3, and please vote for John Dennis for Congress.

Endorsed by the
Republican Women of San Francisco, Federated

The Board of Directors of the Republican Women of San Francisco, Federated (RWSFF) unanimously voted to endorse John Dennis for Congress against Nancy Pelosi.

Joan Leone, President of the RWSFF said ”The RWSFF have known John for over 12 years and have supported him in previous local and national campaigns. John is a long-time associate member of our organization. He is a stalwart of conservative values such as free market capitalism, limited government, and individual liberty. We are proud to support and endorse someone who has provided stellar leadership to our party representing the ideals that both men and women in our Party hold dear.”

Endorsed by
Thomas Massie, U.S. Representative (R-KY)

Thomas Massie said "John Dennis is a fighter. He will stand up to failed city leaders and improve the quality of life for average San Franciscans. In Congress, he will help reign in out of controI Washington. John has my full support. I look forward to having him as a trusted colleague."

Endorsed by
Tom McClintock, U.S. Representative (R-CA)

Endorsed by
Matt Heath, California Republican Party Regional Chair, Northwest

Matt Heath said "In the many years I have known and worked with him, John Dennis has shown an indefatigable support for the principles upon which our country was founded. A true patriot in the California Republican Party, he always fights for the protection of individual liberty and free markets despite extreme oppostion in his home of San Francisco."

Endorsed by the
Log Cabin Republicans

The nation’s largest Republican organization dedicated to representing LGBT conservatives and allies endorses John Dennis for Congress.

Endorsed by the
Marin County Republican Party

Recommended by the
San Francisco Libertarian Party

The local Libertarian Party once again recommends John Dennis for Congress. The Libertarian Party bylaws only allow full endorsement of registered voters of their party.

Endorsed by the
Chinese American Alliance

Chinese Americans in California are fed up with Democrats’ policies and the result of their legislation. We endorse John Dennis for California's 12th Congressional District.

Endorsed by

Christine Hughes, Former Chairwoman, San Francisco Republican Party

Nicole Garay, First Vice Chair, San Francisco Republican Party

Barry Graynor, Secretary, San Francisco Republican Party

Richard Worner, Treasurer, San Francisco Republican Party

Joan Leone, Vice Chair Special Events, San Francisco Republican Party

Howard Epstein, Vice Chair Communications, San Francisco Republican Party

Lisa Remmer, Vice Chair Finance, San Francisco Republican Party

Stephen Waid, Vice Chair Political Affairs, San Francisco Republican Party