SELF denied Holy Warrior for Jesus Holy Trinity

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    Me homeless (of no fault of my own but due to the in general 20 plus years of $ corruption of & by other’s) for 11 years in Hermosa Beach, CA-USA. , GAB is an alternative to Twitter – , jeffreydavidmorris on

    Globalists given Coming Order: global extermination by 2025 & It’s gonna be a literal, human incomprehensible global bloodbath massacre & not even the word nightmare nor Crime’s against humanity can scratch the surface. Globalist’s, misc aren’t really doing what they plan on, their really just passing the time, evil – senselessly, & their talk of reducing 7 billion plus down to 500 million, huh, OH don’t think it’ll stop there, oh no, just so Satan who solely started this Holy War against God, can eventually ‘spite’ God with exhibited all human eventually narrowed down & killed, like Satan’s timeless laughing off it’s ass at us (having put on a clueless humor show for that beast) & deeming to God, “LOOK AT THEM ALL, YOUR SO-CALLED PRIDE & JOY, THEIR SUPPOSE TO REPRESENT YOU?!”






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