What City Hall is doing to end homelessness is not working. Instead of getting people off the streets, bureaucrats have turned “homelessness” into a business.


Property Crime

Home and auto break-ins in our neighborhoods have exploded. In 2014, voters in California passed Prop 47 which reduced sentencing for “non-violent” crimes, but City Hall has failed to respond appropriately and protect its residents.



With all the things that make San Francisco great, the city will continue to attract people. If housing demand is not met then prices for existing housing stock will naturally increase.


Different Experience. Different Results.

You don't have to compromise.

John is not your typical candidate. Born in Jersey City, he grew up in one of that town's toughest public housing projects. John saw firsthand how crime, homelessness and drugs can break down the fabric of a community.

John’s parents, his father a longshoreman and mother a city hall clerk and Democratic Committeewoman, instilled in him a sense of pride in hard work and community. He worked in order to put himself through college, where he was student body president. In college he met his future business partners with whom he started Humanscale - one of the world's top 10 design firms, specializing in office seating.

Doing business around the world has given John invaluable experience working with transportation and other government agencies. He has worked in tech, and is currently a successful real estate developer. He is the only candidate with housing expertise, having actually been through the development process in San Francisco.

John Dennis is an American success story. From public housing to Pacific Heights, the accomplishment, wisdom and experience of John's journey is what District 2 needs to shake up City Hall.

John, his wife Heather and their daughter Devan live in their dog Augie’s house in Pacific Heights. John has been a District 2 resident for 27 years

What people are saying about John Dennis

There’s an unusual candor about John Dennis that you don’t often get from a politician.
- The Huffington Post

[John] Dennis is...intelligent, articulate and makes some very good points.
- Bay Guardian

I very much commend Mr. Dennis' respect for the community.*
-Hillary Ronen, Supervisor, District 9
*Supervisor Ronen has not endorsed John Dennis for D2 Supervisor

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